I enjoy finding great quality products that have a twist and stand out from the crowd, so please keep your eyes open and keep on coming back as the site is evolving. I will be updating stock, adding new items from my own range and plenty more from the treasures found.

PhatGrrl® [fæt]
Slang: Terrific, Fierce Woman!
“Phenomenal,  Hot and Tempting”

For fierce Grrls who want to enhance their Diva-esque.

I make for those who know their own spirit, and who are free and confident in themselves to not run with the crowd. I design & make, reconstruct, disassemble & reassemble, repurpose, mold, paint and embellish, creating a sometimes frilly lined, camp chocolate box experience for those that choose to spend their hard earned royal pennies here. I use various materials in unusual, unconventional ways where possible.

Many pieces have a long, thought out process that goes into each piece (and much tea and cake is demolished at these times). Available on PhatGrrl you will find that the majority of jewellery I make is handmade and one off unique pieces,  some of my more over the top, kitsch custom pieces or limited collections will only be available for short periods of time. All jewellery is made with love and care by PhatGrrl, I am not a co-op and I do not outsource. My creations ensure you stand out in a crowd. Please remember that I’m not a large brand store and I no longer work on Sundays. If you’re lucky and I’m around, I do try to get back to customers ASAP. I work full time with children so I’m not around to answer calls 24/7 because I don’t have a call centre in my flat or an army of workers, but I do my very best to provide good customer service to polite, undemanding shoppers.

On PhatGrrl, I use re-purpose materials, some of which are reclaimed or vintage and many of the more commercial findings are changed to suit the design so that YOU will know that you’re not walking around with the same piece as the girl next door.

Creations at PhatGrrl are for sassy folk who love plenty of attention and who wear their  individuality proudly, to stand out in a crowd. I can tone down my creations if I have the materials, but this change is seen as customisation, as is requests to create full pieces.

Other Brands

Anything I can find that is fabulous quality, quirky and fits into the PhatGrrl fierceness is welcome to be sold here.  So feel free to browse the website over time new items will be appearing and a larger variety of exceptional creations will be available to you.

Commissions Policy:

Please be aware, once a piece is started and agreed I do not keep changing the design to new requests or changes of mind. I discuss with you what you want at the start and whether I can produce it for you as a one off piece. I will let you know how long it will take approximately, the cost of it and then request 50% retainer of the amount agreed via paypal before work begins.

If you change your mind once the work has begun and tell me you no longer want the piece and I have started work on it, the retainer will not be refunded.  I will send this information to you pre starting to discuss the piece you want created and view that once this has been read and you are willing to continue to discuss the design process of what is wanted, you are in agreement of this policy of how I work. I do this because I cannot afford to put a lot of time and effort in discussing what is requested, source the materials and make the item to have customers feel that it is acceptable to change their mind.  I hope that anyone who purchases from PhatGrrl can see why this needs to be stated pre purchase. As mentioned I’m one designer maker not Argos.

If you request a designer maker to create a piece of art for you to wear, please don’t barter. I’m assuming if you approach me, you like my items.  Customised pieces are not in any way like buying from my shop. My time and my creativity is worth more than haggling over what you think you should pay – I don’t do it anymore, it’s not worth my time and it’s not a nice feeling if I’m honest.  I have to be blunt on this as I do this out of love, and I don’t want to have to deal with hagglers because it makes me feel… Dirty! 😀 That’s me being dramatic, but honestly it’s not a nice feeling. Wembley market is that-a-way!


If you purchase an item from PhatGrrl, it would be great if you would send us a picture of you wearing the piece. This site is ever evolving and I will keep adding to it, including putting together a gallery of customers who have purchased items and would be delighted to include you wearing your special piece!  Don’t be shy, send in your images of yourself wearing my jewels.

I also run arts and craft workshops for fun or for training purposes. If you want to discover the artist in you, please get in touch for more information.  Workshops can be devised for you personally and take place in your own home. Children’s parties are catered for prices include all materials, cost of art workers and equipment which is used on the day. All items made are kept by you! All arts workers are CRB checked and have relevant training. More information on request.

Please do not infringe my logo, images or designs on this website. Copyright  PhatGrrl and can’t be reproduced without permission unless stated otherwise in product descriptions on this website. PhatGrrl® is a registered trademark.