Thermofax Printing

I am a proud owner of a thermal screen maker, it's time I put it to better use. The thermofax machine will image 70 and 100 mesh thermal screens up to 11.5 " (without the plastic frame used to hold the mesh for printing Large, Medium, Small see product pages for sizes.

Thermofax Printing is the use of heat, light and pressure which burns away backing from specially made mesh to produce an 'imaged' screen. Carbon based artwork is the only way to produce the screen using this process, this can be created using various carbon based equipment. It's a great way of producing screens to print with using water-based ink/paint or various water-based mediums to create surface designs for textiles.  Large areas of black in your design can cause problems and do not produce clear burns in the mesh.  Please be aware of this when creating your designs. 

Just let your creative juices flow and think of the possibilities! Your images need to be 10mm smaller than the sizes below to be able to fit. Please read the measurements and image submission guidelines carefully when submitting your designs. Thermofax screen are used with water based paints for longevity of use.